Welcome to killerbee13's Semipublic Website!

This is my personal website, accessible from the internet but not very significant to anyone except my friends. Hence, it is "semipublic". Here, you can find a large number of poorly-connected projects with varying degrees of utility. Someday, I'll make a list of everything here and ensure that no pages are orphaned.

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Some notable resources on this site:

Other Pages

  1. My C++ Algorithm Intuition table.
  2. WordGen, my word/sentence generator.
  3. Unit Conversions (Provided by GNU Units)
  4. The Wiki ko Ailhaotnůṙ (Calendar/Clock visualizer)
  5. Roman Numeral Conversions
  6. KwadKraft Minecraft Survival Server

This Page

  1. Random Word of the Indeterminate Time Interval
  2. An old software recommendation list I wrote when I still used Windows.
  3. RPG stuff

killerbee13's Random Word of the Indeterminate Time Interval

  1. Horse n.
    Everyone knows what a horse is.
    Polish: Koń jaki jest, każdy widzi.
    (Nowe Ateny, p. 475)
  2. Conlang n.
    "A constructed language; a language that has been artificially constructed, such as Esperanto, Quenya or Klingon"
  3. Behatted adj.
    "Wearing a hat"
  4. Juncture n.
    "a point of time; especially one made critical by a concurrence of circumstances"
  5. Fractal n.
    "An object whose parts, at infinitely many levels of magnification, appear geometrically similar to the whole. Fractals are used in the design of compact antennas and for computer modeling of natural-looking structures like clouds and trees."
    (The Free Dictionary)
  6. Corundum n.
    "a very hard mineral that consists of aluminum oxide occurring in massive and crystalline forms, that can be synthesized, and that is used for gemstones (as ruby and sapphire) and as an abrasive"
  7. Ubiquitous adj.
    "seeming to be seen everywhere"
  8. Gibbous adj.
    "a. marked by convexity or swelling; b. (of the moon or a planet) seen with more than half but not all of the apparent disk illuminated"
  9. Chronometer n.
    "timepiece; especially one designed to keep time with great accuracy"
  10. Waffle v.
    "to be unable or unwilling to make a clear decision about what to do"
    (Merriam-Webster, Sense 2)
  11. Interminable adj.
    "1. having or seeming to have no end; 2. continuing for a very long time"
  12. Orocratic adj.
    "of or relating to a degree of roughness of the earth's surface comparable to that now existing"

Software I Kinda Liked or Something

This is just a list of stuff that I would probably install if I had a new Windows install I had to use for something. Look, I wrote most of this in high school when I thought being a FOSSbro made me clever or something, and that this was a decent style. I don't even know if these links still work.

Blackbox for Windows
"Absolutely the best way I ever broke a Windows install beyond recognition. 10/10." — killerbee13
Debian GNU/Linux
Look, you should've known what kind of list this was
Everything Search Engine
Search your whole PC almost instantly. This one is actually really great. The one thing I miss about using Windows.
Process Hacker
Like Windows Task Manager, but with bigger lists
MagicISO Virtual CD/DVD
Create fake CD/DVD drives
CD tools
Hardware information viewer
View your pictures
View the documents
VLC Media Player
Play that media
Draw something nice
Draw something fancy
Edit some audio
Edit some text
Edit some more text
Manage some archives
Revo Uninstaller Free
It's the easiest-to-use software uninstaller, it gets most things
Auslogics Disk Defrag
Do you even still need these in 2024?

Maybe sometime I should give this its own page and include screenshots... Or maybe not because there's a million of those.

I reworked this section to use a description list, which is one of those features of HTML that's horridly ugly by default, so nobody ever talks about it. Now there's less presentation in the markup, and it's styled so it should look at least as good as before.


Warhammer 40,000 (and other RPGs)

Magos Kennoch bio-thing
I also mirrored this image (Original) because that website is not very reliable:

My wonderful friend Mindy drew this picture.

I am working on my own high fantasy RPG setting, named Ailhaotnůṙ Corasur.