The KwadKraft Server

The KwadKraft server was my own Vanilla (With exceptions) Minecraft server, which was up for somewhat over 2 years from 2013-2015. The most recent map was M7.


The old maps may be downloaded from this public Google Drive folder

Server Rules

  1. There are no rules
  2. Don't be a dick
  3. Don't ruin anyone's view
  4. Significant land claims should be marked with a sign


KwadKraft M7 Map

Spawn area of the seventh KwadKraft map

Back to Vanilla with the reintroduction of the snapshots! This is the last map ever run on the KwadKraft server, finally taken down at the end of 2015.

Download here


KwadKraft M6 Map

TerraFirmaCraft! No map render, sorry.

Download here


KwadKraft M5 Map

Spawn area of the
  fifth KwadKraft map

This time with a custom map by Turquoise_Kitteh!

Download here


KwadKraft M4 Map

Spawn area of
  the fourth KwadKraft map

Back to Vanilla Snapshots again!

Now downloadable!


KwadKraft M3 Map

So this totally never happened on here, sorry about that. Since it's modded, I don't know how effective a map render would be. Mapcrafter ignores all unknown blocks, and there's no shortage of them on this map.

As before, it's available for download.


KwadKraft M2 Map

Spawn area of the
  second map

The second map for the KwadKraft semiprivate server. Now officially retired, download it here.
If you still have the coordinates for anything, please submit an application to This Form.


KwadKraft M1 Map

Spawn area of the
  first KwadKraft map

The original KwadKraft server map, as seen on October 25, 2013 CE.
As above, please submit coordinates to This Form if you, by some chance, still have them.

I've rerendered this one with the new version of Mapcrafter, so it should look nicer. I might also run a batch PNG recompressor on the output so that it takes less space (and loads faster, maybe), but that'll take a pretty long while to complete. Like, days. So, eventually. Maybe. Possibly. There is a slight chance.

This map is also downloadable from here.